RapidVu Cameras Provide Privacy for Football Superstars

RapidVu, an intelligent surveillance specialist, announced its Metalmidi system was deployed by several high-profile premiership footballers.

Six external, fully functional PTZ cameras were installed to cover the site of a football superstar's house, with privacy as the top priority.

The Metalmidi range is perfect for situations where the security needs to be tough and effective. Metalmidi is multidirectional with IR capability and includes a wiper for the eye, enabling it to operate in all weather conditions with no loss of effectiveness. For the residential case, six cameras were enough to cover the grounds of a substantial mansion. With low-light as standard, no matter what the conditions will be, there is no way of getting past. It provides LPR service as well.

"We are delighted to see Metalmidi enter the premiership," said RapidVu Sales Director Adrian Kirk. "The flexibility of the system makes it perfect for the homes of high-profile people with large homes; it is equally effective in its more traditional locations assisting the police and local authorities in the realm of urban protection, and it is rapidly becoming top of the league in RapidVu's CCTV squad."

With news focusing on the spiraling costs and ineffectiveness of traditional surveillance systems, RapidVu enables users to increase their surveillance efficiency while reducing costs. The RapidVu technology captures evidence which can be used to reduce and prevent crime. On the technology front, video analytics is available to track people's movements and LPR is part of the car park security suite.

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