HDcctv Alliance Adds Coaxial Cable Provider Belden

HDcctv Alliance, a security industry consortium established to manage and promote technical standards for HDcctv equipment interoperability, announced Belden, a manufacturer of professional video cable, has joined the alliance to enhance its position in the evolution of video surveillance camera connection technology.

"Belden continues to be at the forefront of video technology," said Josh Dixon, Belden Vertical Market Manager, Safety and Security. "We joined the HDcctv Alliance because we recognize both the value of HDcctv in the video surveillance market and the importance of having interoperability standards. Delivering high-resolution video images, this new camera connection technology allows for higher performing systems, with a lower installation learning curve and a much lower cost of entry."

HDcctv surveillance cameras deliver digital HD video over coaxial cable. The HDcctv Alliance standards enable interoperable plug-and-play HD security systems with the highest possible signal integrity, without any perceivable latency or image artifacts from transmission-related compression.

"In this post-9/11 world, video surveillance has expanded in every area," said Steve Lampen, Belden Multimedia Technology Manager. "From traffic light video and airport surveillance to casino face recognition and gaming table detail, we believe HDcctv offers dramatic improvements in video performance to a host of existing and emerging applications."

According to Lampen, all Belden coaxial cables are recommended for use in HDcctv installations. "Some of our professional cables are without equal in the industry and offer unparalleled performance in HDcctv applications," Lampen said. "Our engineering and marketing teams are ready to apply themselves to any new product development opportunities that HDcctv offers."

"Belden is the leader in supplying the worldwide demand for surveillance cabling, and we are delighted they have chosen to participate in crafting the HDcctv standard," said Todd Rockoff, HDcctv Alliance Executive Director. "With plans to provide for direct transmission over media such as Category cable and optical fiber in future versions of the HDcctv standard, the Alliance looks forward to significant contributions from Belden."

The HDcctv Alliance has partnered with Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers to leverage the HD serial digital interface broadcast television standard as the basis for the HDcctv specification. HDcctv includes a variety of enhancements to HD-SDI that are vital to surveillance, including bidirectional audio and data, up-the-cable power, and long reach mode for 300-meter transmission over conventional RG-59 cable.

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