Washington, D.C. Airport Deploys Nice IP Surveillance Solution

Nice Systems, a provider of advanced solutions that enable enterprises and security organizations to extract insight from interactions, transactions and surveillance to drive business performance, reduce risk and ensure safety, announced that Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport has completed implementation of its IP video surveillance solution, in a follow on project. The airport selected Nice as the result of a competitive solicitation process. This latest Nice deployment will help the airport improve safety and security for its 18 million annual passengers, and provide a platform for future expansions and migration to IP video surveillance. The project is being funded through the U.S. Transportation Security Administration's Advanced Surveillance Program under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is the nearest commercial airport to the US capital and is in close proximity to the White House, the Capitol and the Pentagon. Nice's video surveillance solutions are among the components by which the airport ensures safety and security at its three terminals, checkpoint areas and the airport grounds. Now, with funding for advanced surveillance equipment, the airport has added the new Nice IP-based solution to further improve video resolution quality and performance and pave the way for future expansions and migration to IP video.

With its aviation security solutions and domain expertise, Nice enables Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport's security personnel to anticipate, manage and mitigate security, safety and operational risks by capturing and analyzing video, and ensuring that the right people get the right information at the right time, to take action. Video data is indexed for easy retrieval, giving airport security personnel an effective solution for event investigation, debriefing and reporting. Furthermore, Nice's IP-based video surveillance solution accommodates both analog and network cameras on a single platform, allowing the airport to maintain its current infrastructure while having a path to migrate to IP.

The Nice video surveillance solution is part of the Nice security offering which enables the capture of security, safety and operational data from multiple sensors and systems, including audio, video, radio, web, and more. It offers content analysis for immediate and relevant insights and provides a framework for fusing data silos into a single, holistic view, delivering real-time situational awareness and incident management. The Nice offering provides real-time capabilities for handling security events to mitigate and prevent risk, as well as faster, more accurate and reliable post-event investigation capabilities.

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