PSIA Releases IP Conformance Tools for Product Interoperability

The Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA), a consortium of physical security providers focused on promoting the interoperability of IP-enabled devices, released conformance tools for its IP Media Device specification.

"The compliance tool for the IP Media Device rounds out PSIA's ability to develop open and interoperable standards," said Peter Jankowski, Chairman, PSIA IP Video Working Group, and Chairman and CEO, Next Level Security Systems. "PSIA member companies can now leverage these tools to ensure conformance with the specification and quickly bring PSIA-enabled solutions to market."

Developed by an independent firm, the conformance tools provide assurance that companies have correctly implemented the IP Media Device specification while the process ensures equal testing of different manufacturers' products. Once the test documents are downloaded and installed from the PSIA website, implementers will move through an approval process. At the end of the procedure, an automatic report will be generated, which manufacturers must send to PSIA for review along with the Self-Declaration of Conformance form. Successful completion of the entire process enables companies to market their products as PSIA-certified. Members that have certified their security solutions with the tool will be listed on PSIA's website.

"The release of the compliance tool is a powerful step forward in the quest for interoperability among IP-enabled devices," said Ian Johnston, CTO, IQinVision. "This is the culmination of significant effort and collaboration from dozens of companies that have been active and influential within the PSIA community."

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