Raytec LPR Streamlines Traffic Management at UK Shopping Center

Raytec 's LPR cameras have been installed at the busy Eldon Square shopping center in Newcastle to improve security and traffic management. In an extension to an existing LPR system, shopping center managers wanted more control over access to service areas, limiting traffic to deliveries, staff and authorized contractors. Eldon Square is home to more than 100 stores, including top retail names such as John Lewis and M&S.

Local integrator, Fida Systems, designed the LPR system to allow entry to authorized vehicles, but to deny access to all other vehicles. The company selected the Raytec LPR units because they overcome various challenges at the site. "We had to take into account the distance between the camera and the number plate, the low light levels at the site and the high quality captured images that the client required," said Fida's Director Marcus Given.

"Raytec's cameras performed perfectly against all these criteria and proved to be every bit as good as claimed. With this project our client had had problems with a previous supplier and we decided to use Raytec because of its outstanding reputation for product quality and customer service," Given said. "It was a great decision. From our initial contact through to the final hand-over we've been very happy with the support that Raytec has given us."

The cameras are compact, integrated LPR cameras designed to see clear number plate images 24/7 at speeds up to 100 mph and distances up to 40 m (131 ft). The cameras can be used directly with DVR's on a stand-alone basis or used in conjunction with LPR software systems.

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