Kronos Helps New Jersey City Save Costs and Combat Crimes

New Jersey's City of Wildwood implemented a time and attendance solution from Kronos and anticipates saving an estimated US$20,000 per month through increased accuracy in payroll. The cost savings and other benefits achieved will allow the city to invest additional dollars toward resident service and demonstrate greater accountability and transparency for future federal grant submissions.

Wildwood is completely automating and standardizing the timekeeping process of all employees with Kronos. Kronos was selected by the city after thorough evaluations of products offered by other vendors and payroll service bureaus. The strong ROI potential of the solution and its real-time and biometric capabilities were the primary selection drivers.

Prior to Kronos, the city used manual sign-in sheets, which were unreliable and inefficient. With real-time tracking through Kronos, errors in payroll processing have been significantly reduced, and administrators have easy access to labor data in a central database. By accurately tracking labor to budget with Kronos, the city will also be able to provide advanced reporting for federal grant submissions.

The City of Wildwood serves approximately 5,000 year-round residents but as a coastal city, it experiences a surge of as many as 250,000 residents in summer months. During peak season, the city doubles the number of employees to better serve its residents. Kronos will help it manage seasonal payroll fluctuations more effectively as the system accommodates complex and multiple pay rules.

The biometric technology of Kronos is also helping the city prevent buddy punching, the costly act of employees punching in for one another. Additionally, the Kronos system offers payroll administrators easy access to time balances, schedules, and facility premise reports.

"With Kronos, we are minimizing errors in time tracking and increasing employee accountability. Our taxpayers are supportive of our decision to implement Kronos as they understand what these benefits mean, which include even better service and an increased opportunity to receive more funds. We have been pleased with the commitment Kronos has demonstrated to our needs and we look forward to a long-standing partnership," said Mayor Gary DeMarzo, City of Wildwood.

"City governments need to reign in budgets, ensure continuity of services, and demonstrate accountability. Effective labor management can help achieve these objectives as labor cost is a local government's largest controllable expense and workforce efficiency is critical for superior service. We are committed to helping organizations such as the City of Wildwood optimize its workforce to better serve residents and accomplish other mission-critical goals," said Christine Carmichael, Director, Public Sector Marketing, Kronos.

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