Western Digital Awarded a Contract to Streamline Thailand Logistics Practice

Western Digital and Royal Thai Customs continue to realize dramatic process improvements, cost savings and quick customs clearances because of more than 100,000 truck shipments that Savi Networks has monitored wirelessly the past three years in Thailand. As a result of these ongoing supply chain benefits, Thai-based TIFFA EDI Services and Western Digital have extended contracts for the SaviTrak intelligence service for another year.

The ability to automatically validate, track and collaborate on the status of truck trailers filled with high-performance hard drives has streamlined supply chain business processes by 50 percent, reduced manpower by 25 percent, cut customs clearance steps by 60 percent and increased data accuracy by up to 100 percent.

SaviTrak monitors the location and security of shipments locked with electronic seals as they're transported within a Free Trade Zone, and automatically communicates status information to Royal Thai Customs authorities. The shipments are automatically checked at key locations such as manufacturing loading docks, entry and exit gates and Customs inspection stations.

"Since 2007, we continue to discover new operational efficiencies and security assurances in this cooperative project with Savi Networks, TIFFA and Royal Thai Customs," said Khun Narong, Director of logistics, Western Digital-Thailand. "SaviTrak intelligence gives us with a competitive edge that streamlines processes and speeds shipments from Thailand to the United States."

"The Free Trade Zone project with Western Digital and TIFFA in Thailand exemplifies how today's advanced tracking systems can deliver quick, tangible benefits that improve the efficient flow of global cargo shipments," said Neil Smith, CEO of Savi Networks.

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