IndigoVision IP Surveillance Makes Australian Remote Monitoring Easier

IndigoVision's complete IP video security solution is at the heart of a national video and alarm monitoring center based in Queensland, Australia. Developed by Naskam Security Services, the purpose-built control room provides live surveillance services to a diverse range of remote sites across Australia.

"Over 5 years ago, Naskam set about looking for a quality product that would allow us to provide live video monitoring services to clients across the country at an affordable cost, whilst providing the highest quality of recording equipment," said Chad Wright, Naskam's GM. "After testing many different vendors, we chose IndigoVision's solution as it provided us with a number of unique features and the ability to deliver excellent video quality, with minimum bandwidth."

IndigoVision's compression technology allows Naskam to monitor high-quality video from remote sites using Next G/3-G wireless links where traditional hardwired ADSL or fiber connections are not available. This enables Naskam to maximize the number of cameras that can be monitored over the available bandwidth and minimize their network costs. Naskam currently monitors numerous remote sites including shopping malls, city centers and utility infrastructures.

Naskam encourages each site to use dual streaming and local recording on IndigoVision's NVRs. In this configuration each camera produces two video streams, a higher resolution stream for local NVR archiving and a lower resolution stream, typically at 2 CIF with 12 to 25 fps, for transmission to the remote monitoring center. Recorded video can also be accessed at the monitoring center if required. The low bandwidth requirement also ensures low latency, which allows Naskam's operators to control PTZ cameras at each remote site. Live video monitoring and camera control is achieved using workstations running 'Control Center', IndigoVision's security management software."

"The first installation of a live monitored site was a small remote shopping center where IndigoVision's IP video transmitters were installed along with analog surveillance cameras, PA speakers, strobes and PIR's for video alarm activation," Wright added. "Within two weeks of deployment, several youths had already been apprehended for various crimes. Local security patrols had failed for years to catch these criminals, whereas the video monitoring service worked immediately. Teaming this service up with live and prerecorded audio announcements has meant that the system helps prevent crime by alerting people that they are entering a monitored area."

The ability to transmit and receive synchronized full-duplex, high-fidelity audio alongside the video over the network was another feature that attracted Naskam to IndigoVision's solution. Built-in PA facilities allow operators to broadcast audio announcements through speakers connected to the IP video transmitters. Similarly microphones can be installed locally to capture audio recordings or enable two-way conversations.

IndigoVision's analytics and alarm management capabilities are used extensively by Naskam to help automate the monitoring process and improve incident response. Analytics functions such as virtual tripwire, congestion, motion detection and counterflow are used to trigger alarms. These alarms automatically alert operators to the potential incident and can trigger actions such as panning a remote camera to a preconfigured position. They also use the alarm preview feature, which automatically displays the previous 10 seconds of recorded video prior to the alarm activation, helping operators to quickly assess the situation. Through the use of I/O built into IndigoVision transmitter modules, discrete signals from other security systems can also be monitored and used to trigger alarms.

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