Singaporean University Gears up for the Youth Olympic Games with Integrated Security

This subsequent order from Singapore was won against fierce competition. The crucial points, besides the favorable total costs, were mainly the integration possibilities which CardLink offers and the short delivery times. Since the battery is integrated in the standalone cylinder and not in the Legic badge, flexibility and safety are ensured although room inhabitants are changing frequently.

This year, the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) of Singapore, which measures more than 200 hectares and meets highest technological standards, will host the first Youth Olympic Games. NTU's 6000 student homes will then be accommodating the Youth Olympic Games participants and 4100 Kaba elolegic digital cylinders are going to be built in. With CardLink, the access rights can be administered flexibly, the inhabitants fetch their access rights at the update terminal every day. Since the retrofitting of the doors took place in the semester holidays, it was decisive for the components to arrive on time.

From former deliveries to Singapore, Kaba was acquainted with the special climatic conditions of this tropic region. Kaba's aspiration of being premium could be fulfilled by delivering knobs in stainless steel. This new non-corrosive version can now be ordered as option INOX.

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