UK Government Deploys Wireless Cameras to Keep Traffic in Order

IC2 CCTV, the Kent-based security specialist, completed the installation of wireless redeployable cameras from 802 Global in three park and ride car parks for Maidstone Borough Council.

The council operates a number of park and ride facilities that have contributed towards reducing the number of vehicles entering the town center thus improving the local environment and reducing vehicle emission levels.

Drivers leaving their vehicles for the duration of their visit to Maidstone expect a reasonable level of site security. Maidstone's overall surveillance operation is considered very effective by Maidstone Police but the three sites in question had no surveillance system in place. It was felt that simply increasing the number of site attendants was not cost-effective. It was more efficient to have coverage monitored by specialist teams within the surveillance control room.

Following detailed site surveys in conjunction with wireless specialists 802 Global, IC2 installed 802 Global's redeployable wireless system, using CBC (Europe)'s PTZ dome camera, mounted on existing lamp columns. Each surveillance unit is heavy duty and vandalproof. They relay live high quality video images at 25 fps wirelessly to Maidstone's surveillance control center.

Each camera was also fitted with public address speakers that allow control room operators to challenge antisocial behavior by sending out a verbal warning directly to any offender.

IC2's wireless solution negates the need for laying new cables, civil works and road digging. It therefore speeds up installation times and reduces installation costs. An added benefit is increased flexibility. Cameras can easily be relocated.

Commenting on the installation, Maidstone Borough Council's Surveillance Controller Chris Stewart said: “This is the first time that Maidstone Borough Council has deployed cameras with audible input. Even though the cameras can speak, but not listen, the results have been fantastic. As well as acting as a deterrent against car crime and antisocial behavior, we can now use the system to broadcast information for example about bus services and also remind customers to secure their vehicles.”

"We currently use 3-G technology for some of our systems and with this technology there are ongoing costs associated with using phone lines and cable channels. When IC2 suggested wireless technology, it fulfilled one of our critical factors – no ongoing costs. The technology is user friendly and delivers excellent image quality," Stewart continued.

"Our corporate objectives are to improve access across the borough through better roads, public transport and services and to work to create a safe environment through a commitment to reduce crime, and antisocial behavior. With IC2's help we're a step closer to achieving these objectives."

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