Avigilon HD Surveillance System Facilitates UK Port Workflow

Avigilon, a provider of HD and megapixel video surveillance systems, announced that Associated British Ports (ABP), the UK's port operator and cruise port operator, has deployed the Avigilon HD surveillance system to comply with industry regulations, boost security, and enhance operational efficiencies at the Ports of Grimsby and Immingham.

"The Avigilon HD surveillance system allows us to monitor the entire port operations, from loading ships to crane operations, from a centralized location to ensure port security, employee safety, and productivity," said Michael Howarth, Humber IT Infrastructure Manager at ABP. "The Avigilon HD surveillance system is versatile and flexible enough to support hardware from many vendors including analog cameras and can leverage our existing network for a more cost-effective and powerful surveillance solution."

ABP uses Avigilon's VMS with HD Stream Management (HDSM) to manage the HD surveillance system 24/7. At the Port of Grimsby, ABP installed two 11-megapixel Avigilon HD cameras to monitor vehicle entry and exit and to provide driver identification and license plate detail and one 3-megapixel Avigilon HD camera for complete coverage of the junction leading to the control room. Six 5-megapixel Avigilon HD cameras are used at the Port of Immingham to monitor and control the lockgates, which open and close to allow ships to pass through, and to ensure that there are no obstructions to prevent the lockgates from opening when required.

All six 5-megapixel Avigilon HD cameras are connected through the fiber network back to the marine control room where the system is monitored live. At the Immingham Bulk Park Terminal, four Avigilon analog video encoders are used to integrate a new analog PTZ camera and existing analog cameras into the Avigilon HD surveillance system for greater performance and manageability. Four 1-megapixel Avigilon HD cameras provide site overview and monitor the entrance and exit to the weighbridges, where cargo is weighed. Four Avigilon NVRs record and store 30 days of continuous footage.

The Avigilon HD surveillance system has helped ABP improve operational efficiencies at the Ports of Grimsby and Immingham. By leveraging its existing network infrastructure, ABP was able to reduce installation time and costs. ABP has also been able to centralize several processes, including weighbridge and lockgate operations, which can now be managed remotely in conjunction with the surveillance system. As a result, ABP has reduced the need for operational staff at each location. With the Avigilon HD surveillance system in place, ABP has invested in a scalable, future-proof surveillance solution that can expand to meet growing needs.

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