Burj Khalifa on Top of the World with Johnson Controls Integrated Security

A stunning addition to the Middle East skyline, the new Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates stands more than 2,700 feet high and features a sophisticated security management system developed by Johnson Controls, a vendor for delivering products, services and solutions that increase energy efficiency in buildings.

EMAAR Properties, the owner of Burj Khalifa, selected a security management system to secure the tower's luxurious corporate, residential, hotel and public spaces, including nearly 900 residential suites, hundreds of office suites and an observation deck.

"The security system works with the building management system to allow security personnel at the Burj to take quick action during a security breach or threat," said Magdy Mekky, VP and MD, Middle East, Johnson Controls. "The interoperability of key building systems ensures a comfortable and safe environment for all guests and tenants. The safety benefits are immeasurable."

If an unauthorized person accesses a secure area, the building subsystems, including cameras and intercoms, are immediately activated. If a fire is detected, the airflow system will automatically deactivate to confine or smother a fire.

Audio/visual systems, including project screens and video displays, and conferencing systems are installed throughout the tower. A two-way radio system allows facility and hotel management to communicate with maintenance and security personnel throughout the building.

In addition to the security management solution, Johnson Controls installed low-voltage systems that enable many of the high-end amenities enjoyed by tenants and residents. The nearly 900 residences of the Burj feature E-Home, a smart home technology installed by Johnson Controls. Each residence is equipped with a single control system that interfaces with lighting, curtains, HVAC, home theater and security management. Similar controls are installed in the hotel's 324 guest rooms.

The Burj project further illustrates the expanding presence of Johnson Controls building efficiency business within the Middle East.

"The state of the global economy has forced business owners in the East to take a close look at their facilities and identify opportunities to reduce costs without sacrificing security or comfort," Mekky said. "Our success in the West, including the recent retrofit of New York City's iconic Empire State Building, has made a lasting impression. The Burj Khalifa is now the blueprint for engineering in the Middle East and beyond."

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