World Cup Tickets Still Available, Due to Safety Concerns

The World Cup will kick off in nine days, gathering millions in South Africa until July 11.

Football fans bought 96 percent of the 2.88 million tickets, said FIFA secretary-general Jerome Valcke. However, around 160,000 tickets are still available for the tournament.

The U.S. issued a travel alert for South Africa last Friday, warning its citizens against terrorist attacks. "Large-scale public events like the World Cup may present a wide range of attractive targets for terrorists," said the US State Department. "There is a heightened risk that extremist groups will conduct terrorist acts within South Africa in the near future."

South Africa's coastline and land borders touch six nations, making border control a challenge. "It would be folly for any country to grandstand and proclaim that it is immune to terror attacks," said Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa to the press on Monday. "There is no threat to South Africa as we speak now."

While no credible plots have uncovered, the nation faces high crime. In 2009, 18,148 murders were reported by the South African police, averaging 50 deaths a day.

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