Arecont Vision Megapixel Cameras Help UK Supplier Combat Crime

One of the many strengths of a megapixel video surveillance camera is its capability to capture the minute detail in a scene, which can then be used in forensic analysis and as solid evidence in criminal proceedings. This was the objective for Scan Computer International, one of Europe's independent technology suppliers, when they implemented a new IP-based, high resolution video surveillance system at their head office in Bolton, England.

Designed by J2K Video, Scan's associate technology development partner, the new system replaces a traditional analog surveillance system. The upgraded system features megapixel network cameras from Arecont Vision, a provider of IP-based megapixel camera technology. Areas using Arecont's megapixel cameras include key entrance and exit, warehouse aisles as well. A combination of day/night cameras is deployed for external areas and are used with facial recognition and LPR software.

According to Jay Patel, cofounder of J2K Video, the new system has had an immediate effect in reducing on-site crime. "Scan has been able to provide the police with excellent video evidence of incidents," he said. "The quality of the video from the megapixel cameras has also helped to reduce many disputes and problems such as shrinkage caused by short shipments by delivery personnel or internal theft."

In addition to the Arecont megapixel cameras, J2K Video designed the replacement system based on its systems which are developed around technologies using J2K Video's own software. J2K Video is one of the UK's information and security technology system designers, and an authorized distributor of Arecont products in Europe.

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