DigitalPersona Biometrics Streamline US Police Crime Database

DigitalPersona, a provider of authentication and endpoint protection solutions, announced the Phoenix Police Department has deployed DigitalPersona endpoint protection to secure mobile access to information, reduce help desk costs and simplify compliance with the FBI's criminal justice information system (CJIS) mandate. With DigitalPersona solution, access to laptops and desktop PCs that store CJIS information is controlled through strong, two-factor authentication that includes fingerprint biometrics. This deployment has enabled the Police Department to reduce its password-related help desk costs and ease the burden that users face in creating and maintaining secure passwords.

"We have more than 3,800 officers and support personnel. This puts a tremendous strain on our Department's IT staff to enable secure access to criminal justice information," said Bob Erdely, Network Security Administrator, Phoenix Police Department. "The CJIS mandate requires all mobile devices to use two-factor authentication. DigitalPersona's solution helps us comply with CJIS requirements, makes it easier for our users to create and manage secure passwords, and improves information access for our staff."

Phoenix is the sixth largest city in the U.S. The Phoenix Police Department serves a population of more than 1.5 million Arizona residents and is responsible for patrolling nearly 516 square miles. Supporting a population of this size requires secure, timely access to criminal records both in the field and in the office. Previously, officers, detectives and support personnel were only able to access CJIS information from desktop PCs located at headquarters. By using DigitalPersona system in compliance with the FBI's CJIS mandate, personnel can now also access information from laptops.

DigitalPersona centrally-managed software makes it easier for organizations cross a variety of sectors to comply with government mandates for strong authentication in business applications and computer logon. The Phoenix Police Department selected DigitalPersona system for its ease-of-use, reduced burden on IT staff and low total cost of ownership compared to alternative solutions. DigitalPersona leverages the department's previously-deployed desktops and fingerprint-enabled laptops and is integrated with its existing Active Directory infrastructure.

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