Veracity and Western Digital Partner for Surveillance Storage

Veracity, a provider of connectivity and transmission solutions for IP video, partnered with the hard disk drive (HDD) manufacturer Western Digital. The partnership aligns Veracity's video surveillance storage array with Western Digital's new AV disk drive range, which is designed for audiovisual storage.

Western Digital's HDD range delivers high reliability, noise and energy reduction and is optimized for 24/7 digital video recording and rapid access in playback mode. Veracity's storage array uses linear array of idle disks technology and sequential filing system in order to offer exceptional reliability, quick file access and low running costs. At the core of storage's design is the recognition that generating and retrieving video data is done in a fundamentally different way from general IT data.

Research by Veracity proved that video data disk traffic typically consists of 97 percent of recording and just 3 percent of playback, compared to general IT data which is typified by "read-modify-write" disk activity, short, high volume bursts of data transfer. As a result video recording places higher demands on disk drives, generating heat, vibration and wear which shortens disk lifespan and increases the risk of disk failure in video management systems. Many users have invested in complex, expensive RAID 5/6 storage systems with heavy duty, power-hungry processing platforms to attempt to reduce the risk of disk failure but these systems are not delivering the reliability and return on investment that users are demanding.

Western Digital spotted the same issue and devoted extensive resources in the Western Digital Research Labs to solving it. This research led to the development of a new generation of HDDs built specifically for audio and video storage. Designed for 24/7 operations which are common in video surveillance systems, they deliver 60 percent higher reliability than competitor offerings and are optimized for smooth streaming of high resolution video and on-demand read/write operations. They generate significantly less heat and consume less power in operation than competitor HDDs.

Scott Sereboff, CEO of Veracity USA, said, "It is great to be presenting jointly with Western Digital at the ISC One2One Summit next week. The joint presentation we have prepared for this conference will display of how both organizations' new technologies have been made more compelling through this collaboration."

Alastair McLeod, MD for the U.K., Veracity, said, "Veracity storage device and Western Digital's new range of AV disk drives are perfectly aligned to provide low power, high reliability storage for the IP surveillance world. We both offer a solution to the reliability problems posed by RAID technology, commonly deployed external storage arrays for enterprise video surveillance, which makes disk failure the single largest vulnerability in video management and recording systems today."

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