Reveal Imaging Technologies Explosive Detection Deployed at Shanghai World Expo and Airport

Reveal Imaging Technologies, a developer of threat detection solutions, announced that its explosives detection systems (EDS) have been deployed by the Chinese Government and Shanghai Airport Authority for 2010 World Expo security. The expo began on May 1 and will run through Oct. 31 in Shanghai, China. It is expected to generate the largest number of visitors in the history.

The EDS is certified by the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC) for deployment in Chinese airports. Reveal provides more than half of the TSA-certified EDS to China. With the rapid growth of its economy, enhancing airport security has become a priority for the Chinese government. Increasing tourism will further necessitate an upgrade of security technology at existing major airports to improve safety and efficiency.

The EDS provided security at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and in high threat airports in Xinjiang and Tibet. These systems utilize the company's breakthrough, dual-energy CT technology which reduced the size, cost and weight of certified EDS. The system integrates into existing facilities, eliminating the need for expensive reconstruction while minimizing installation costs. Reveal systems can be configured to support both in-line and stand-alone applications.

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