Magal S3 Finalizes Two City Surveillance Projects in Israel

Magal S3, announced that it is in the final stages of implementation with two safe city projects in Savyon and Nazareth, Israel.  Both projects provide integration of multiple security products and systems including cameras, emergency buttons and locating systems.

In Savyon, the focus of the project is on the safety of children in schools and daycare centers. An important element of the solution is a truck-mounted mobile surveillance kit which constantly transmits video into the central command and control center.

In Nazareth, the security system provides first responders with the tools for critical event management in shopping malls, schools, parks and other sensitive sites. The advantage of the system is the ability to incorporate a scheduled video motion detection  technology for PTZ cameras that points to different areas of interest during different times of the day and night.

In both cases, all elements of the security system are integrated into a single real-time command and control system. Security personnel are supported by a GUI, which includes check lists, sensor displays and a situation awareness map. Multiple sensors and data sources rely on a wide band wireless network and geographical information system engine, which synchronizes all events into a single cohesive information system. Events are logged and automatically communicated by email and text messages to security personnel.

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