Morpho Detection Awarded $35 Million TSA Contract for Explosive Detection

Morpho Detection, part of the Safran group's security business, was awarded an order with the US Department of Homeland Security's Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the second in the past year, for more than 1,200 additional explosives trace detection (ETD) systems. This order from TSA, which represents the largest single unit order in company history, is valued at more than US$35 million and was awarded after a competitive contracting process.

First placed on TSA's qualified products list for checkpoint and cargo screening in March 2009, the system delivers qualified explosives detection in a desktop package that is portable and easy to use. Utilizing ion trap mobility spectroscopy (ITMS) technology to provide unparalleled threat and contraband detection, the detection is optimal for checkpoint, cargo, and checked baggage screening.

This follow-up order brings the total number of the units purchased by TSA in the past year to more than 1,600 as part of contracts valued in excess of $50 million.

In addition to use by TSA at U.S. airports, the solution is available in a commercial version to protect transportation, industrial and high-risk facilities and locations around the world.

Morpho Detection's order with TSA was funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). In addition to providing enhanced detection capabilities to protect travelers and cargo, consistent with the ARRA program, this order will directly help create or maintain U.S. jobs.

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