Oberthur and SMART Association Provide Health Care Center with ID Solution

Oberthur Technologies, a vendor for the delivery of high security solutions and a provider of smart credentials to the U.S. Federal government, has teamed up with one of healthcare's smart card software providers, SMART Association, to offer a secure, physical and logical access smart card-based admissions solution to hospitals and clinics throughout North America. The first of these solutions assists patients at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York.

The 305-bed teaching hospital, which offers emergency care as well as outpatient services to more than 75,000 visitors annually, needed a way to speed up patient registration and assist in providing accurate, updated admissions information. "We are constantly looking for ways to make the patient experience a positive one," said Rajiv Garg Wyckoff's President and CEO. "Offering an easier way to see their doctor is just the tip of the iceberg — being able to quickly verify the patient's identity and provide error-proof registration in seconds is the real benefit." 

Oberthur will provide Wyckoff enrollment work stations and its Personal Identification Verification (PIV)-based, smart card, the same card used by millions of Americans to secure their personal identifiable information. "We're providing Wyckoff a proven, interoperable, nonproprietary platform on which to build a patient centric, Health-IT infrastructure," said Patrick Hearn, Oberthur's VP of Government and Identification Markets of America. "Teaming up with Smart Association allows Oberthur to offer an end-to-end solution that utilizes our standards-driven tools with an intuitive patient admissions software program. It will now allow health care institutions to provide the proper level of authentication to protect patient privacy."

SMART Association's patient admissions and identity software will allow Wyckoff admissions staff to securely identify and authenticate the patient and the data on the card. "The software streamlines the patient admissions process and connects the patient's smart card instantly to external data sources such as clinicians EMRs, HIEs, etc., creating a comprehensive medical record, providing a more accurate and up-to-date patient record," said David Batchelor, CEO of SMART Association. "By utilizing software with Oberthur, our clients increase administrative efficiencies and patient satisfaction by allowing them to carry and securely transmit their personal medical information on a proven smart card. In addition, organizations that have used the system have seen a ROI within eight to16 months of installation by reducing duplicate records, record errors, medical fraud, admissions paper and other administrative costs."
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