Mobotix Hemispheric Cameras Watch over UK Office Park

Mobotix, a manufacturer of high-resolution IP video systems, installed a surveillance solution for the Evans Business Center. The center is located in the John Smith Business Park, a prestigious new business park developed by Fife Council located in Kirkcaldy in Scotland.

With more than 50 locations across the UK, Evans Easyspace provides quality small business units specifically catering for the small and medium sized enterprise market. The firm has an ethos which allows companies to quickly rent business space, easily move in, easy to occupy and easy to move on. The firm offers businesses flexibility to change the workspace requirement to suit evolving needs such as upsizing, downsizing, or moving out completely.

The firm needed a surveillance solution which would offer high levels of reliability and the ability for managers to remotely inspect sites via any web browser. As Center Manager Shona Galloway said, "We needed a surveillance system that would provide good coverage but with low maintenance and the ability to cover all areas of the business park in a discreet fashion."

Evans Easyspace selected Eclipse (IP), a Mobotix business partner who has provided IT and network services across the group for several years. At John Smith Business Park, a center that was opened by Prime Minster Gordon Brown in late 2009, Eclipse deployed only 12 cameras to cover the entire 15,000 square feet site including every entrance and car park. Within the reception area, Evans Easyspace have deployed a Momotix hemispheric camera which provides a 360-degree all-round view that is able to capture an entire room in HD.

"The system has been incredibly reliable and allows me to do a quick remote site inspection straight from my laptop," Galloway said. "The system is also very easy to operate and required only little training and it has proven very useful in ensuring that each site is fully monitored, 24 hours a day."

"The success of the surveillance has prompted Evans Easyspace to upgrade its other sites with legacy surveillance systems to new Mobotix solutions as they become obsolete. Evans Easyspace prides itself in making it easy for businesses renting with us and the surveillance solution is part of a commitment to keeping things simple," Galloway said.

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