Texecom Adds Manufacturing Staff in Response to Growing Sales

Intruder alarm manufacturer Texecom announced that their Manchester-based manufacturing facilities are increasing staffing levels, and operating around-the-clock.

Russell Trotter, Texecom Operations Director, said, "We've had to respond to an amazing level of sales growth over recent months. Order intake for the business is at record-high levels. Our electronic assembly and plastic injection molding operations are now operating day and night, and we're excited about meeting the challenges of our exceptionally high service expectations against the backdrop of an improving commercial environment."

When asked about the ability for the company to manage further growth, Texecom MD Jim Ludwig said, "We've made considerable investment in UK personnel and the skill sets required to keep our factories running full-time. Headcount across the business is up 43 percent since the end of September 2009, and still growing. Although we're now open 24 hours, we're still not at seven days yet. We aren't running every machine on the 24-hour schedule, so we still have scope for further expansion. We remain comfortable that the business can more than double without significant facilities or capital investment."

"Our self-imposed objective is to have the best delivery and quality performance in the industry, no excuses. Texecom is still the safest, most reliable partner in the industry, and our long term track record of performance, innovation and customer support remains unparalleled," Ludwig added.

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