TI Launches New Video Processor for Megapixel Network Camera SoC

TI Launches New Video Processor for Megapixel Network Camera SoC

Offering the first megapixel network camera SoC equipped with smart analytics, Texas Instruments (TI) introduced the DaVinci video processor.  Video surveillance and security customers can easily utilize integrated smart analytics that run on TI's first generation vision co-processor incorporated on the SoC.  People counting, trip zone, intelligent motion detection, camera tamper detection and streaming metadata analytics are all possible while streaming up to 1080p.  Meeting the need of cost-sensitive applications, compared to other industry multichip solutions, the integrated, single chip SoC reduces eBOM cost by one-third and board space by one-half, making video analytics possible in a broader range of surveillance applications.  Supply chain and design complexity are also reduced by one-third, thanks to the integrated smart analytics, enabling faster time to market.

Following the recently introduced video processor which supports up to 720p, the new SoC offers three times the video performance over the previous video processor and is equipped with TI's smart codec technology, which provides up to five times the bit rate reduction for improved video quality and network bandwidth.   Making video analytics a de facto feature on network cameras and providing more design choices to security customers, the SoC is the next device in TI's dedicated roadmap for network camera applications. The video processor is also both pin and software compatible with TI's DaVinci video processors, a key point in maintaining customer investments.  In addition to the chip itself, customers can accelerate their time-to-market with a complete network camera reference design and free Linux network camera application software with source code.

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