LaserCard Wins Contract for New US Green Card

LaserCard , a provider of secure ID solutions, introduced the next-generation US Permanent Resident Card ("Green Card") featuring advanced optical security media and, for the first time, a RFID tag for compliance with the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI).

Mailing of the new card by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to legal permanent residents began May 10. Designed and manufactured by LaserCard, the Green Card is issued to lawful permanent residents as evidence of their authorization to live and work in the U.S. LaserCard has been shipping quantities of the new card to DHS for several months under a previously announced contract.

LaserCard has supplied the US government's optical security media-based Green Cards since 1997. Over this time, with more than 20 million cards issued, the digital security of the card has never been compromised. Building on this success, the new card exploits LaserCard's program of continual innovation which has resulted in progressively enhanced visual and forensic security features. In addition, the card incorporates an RFID tag to provide compliance with the WHTI program, which facilitates legitimate travel and trade at US land borders.

The Green Card is the implementation of optical security media and RFID on a single card platform. LaserCard and its supplier partners pioneered new construction techniques to ensure a robust and reliable credential with sophisticated, tamperproof features. The card also features an optical security media configuration optimized to meet DHS's requirement for compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)-standards for ID cards used in travel applications.

It is anticipated that the next generation card will establish a new level of excellence in world class credentials. In a study of international government identity programs, industry analyst firm Frost & Sullivan highlighted the US Green Card as the most secure government ID credential available today. Rufus Connell, VP of the firm's security and identity practice, commented "Concerns surrounding the legitimacy of ID cards have heightened the focus of governments worldwide on the prevention of security breaches and large scale counterfeiting. In the case of the original Green Card, LaserCard's technology approach has served as a highly effective solution to this issue. The next generation U.S. Green Card builds on these major security features and raises the bar for secure international government ID programs."

In addition, the optical media securely stores digital information including the cardholder's photograph, fingerprint, name, digitized signature, date of birth and registration number. This information cannot be erased or fraudulently altered and private data can be read only by DHS personnel using a custom secure reader.

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