Hybrid is the Way to IP

Traditional DVRs and analog cameras have dominated the video surveillance market, but new technological advances in IP have shifted market growth towards networked video surveillance. According to overall industrial data and first-hand experiences with clients, Hybrid DVR with both analog and IP input has gradually dominated customers' demands in video surveillance. Since there are still lots of difficulties for users to shift from traditional DVR to Hybrid and NVR, AVerMedia provides the solution to its users.

Local Display
In response to customers' demand, AVerMdia has developed full local display functions other Hybrid DVRs and pure NVR may not have. The exclusive NVRs include AVerDiGi EXR6004 Mini and EXR6004 WiFi. AVerDiGi EXR6004 Mini features compact size, local/sever site preview, playback and setup from NVR itself, four-CH video and audio inputs, supports full range of network cameras from all major manufacturers and feeds H.264, MPEG-4 and M-JPEG video stream format.

Moreover, AVerDiGi EXR6004 WiFi, a plug-and-play wireless NVR bundles with one Magapixel network camera and HDD, is especially welcome by those who are not technology savvy and looking for the easiest way to enjoy their properties under protection in a blink of an eye.

Network Cameras Integration
Transition from traditional DVR to Hybrid DVR and NVR can be muddled considering the unknown applications and budgeting. The expense of security will be substantially increased when taking into account of purchasing new NVRs and higher cost of network cameras. The cost has stopped most small-to-medium, and even some large corporations to postpone their upgrade. However, with Embedded Hybrid DVR, the stability of the system is very much guaranteed since the system has run under Linux operation system, which is embedded onto the motherboard. Security is a factor that can not be ignored and compromised. With Hybrid or NVR, Megapixel cameras will become available to those critical areas and HDs images will be viewed for the slightest details. Moreover, all NVR and Hybrid DVR series are compatible with more than 60 network-camera brands and 500 models for easier surveillance expansion and bargaining. 

Flexible and Stable Platform
AVerMedia provides two options for users when choosing the operation system either Linux or Windows. AVerDiGi IWH3216 Series, a 16-CH H.264 Embedded Hybrid DVR that runs Embedded Windows platform, is equipped with industry-first dual core processor that ensures the process of surveillance data and applications at a fast-pace and without interference. It also features individually adjustable frame rate by channel, dual touch monitor outputs. Intelligent video functions such as PTZ tracking, visual search, noise reduction, FaceFinder, video encryption, iPOS and iEnhance/iStable.

In addition, AVerMedia Embedded Linux operation system has presented a truly multifunctional DVR to surveillance market. AVerDiGi EH Series is an Embedded Linux Hybrid DVR, which provides independent dual streams for better network efficiency, PoS integration and individual adjustable channel frame rate and various brands of network/analog cameras support for users to integrate the system widely.

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