IR-TEC International Opens New Green Headquarters

"IR-TEC International delivers a great business opportunity to our community through the development and construction of its new headquarters building project, while many companies were suffering the impact of global financial crisis in 2009," said Chu Chiun-Lai, Governor of Taoyuan. He participated at the IR-TEC opening for the building sensor maker's manufacturing headquarters. 

IR-TEC's new 80,000-square-feet headquarters sets the standard for energy efficiency by utilizing green technologies and materials in this five-story building. It features top-notch double-layer low emissivity glass with excellent heat insulation, highly energy efficient T5 and LED lighting fixtures and a revolutionary OccuSense HVAC and lighting management system developed by IR-TEC. IR-TEC believes these green technologies used will make its headquarters one of the most energy-efficient buildings in Taiwan.

The building was designed by Upgrade Architecture Association. Construction was contracted to Ever Accord Construction, an ISO-9001-certified construction company of Evergreen Group. "Without the teamwork and endless efforts of these professional parties, we could have never completed this custom-made building project within such a short time," said Alan Kuo, President and Chairman of IR-TEC. "With this new facility, we will continue our efforts in creating better business for all our suppliers, better life for all our employees and better products and service for all our customers."

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