Wireless Biometrics Hand Scanners Prevent Buddy Punching

Wireless Biometrics Hand Scanners Prevent Buddy Punching

Security Systems Technology offers a biometric time-and-attendance solution that can operate on a stand-alone basis or via a GSM-over-TCP/IP network. The product allows for live multisite integration and can be deployed at locations with no network connection.

Security Systems Technology (SST) offers a wireless hand-scanning console for a range of applications such as hospitality, construction, retail, and government-related projects. Superior to fingerprint reading, the reader scans the entire hand from above. It is non-intrusive and protects employee identities, as biometrics data is not left behind.

Unlike other IP-based biometrics terminals, this time-and-attendance system does not interfere with an existing corporate network, nor does it depend on WAN/LAN networks to be in place. So long as a GSM mobile phone network is available, these biometrics consoles are able to send live clock-in data to an authorized client, such as a central server.

Essentially, all that is required for the terminal to work is power and a mobile phone signal. The system is capable of storing up to 32,000 scans.

Time-and-Attendance Features
Some features of the product include automatically recording and calculating employee hours and overtime, including early exits, absences, sicknesses, leaves, and so on. It can analyze trends and connect with payroll packages. Additionally, the system provides a real-time attendance report for employees currently on site.

"One of the biggest advantages is that this system prevents buddy punching. A typical organization will have some sort of card punching or sign-in system set up. Employees often sign in for one another, resulting in employers overpaying staff. People cannot fake their hand scans, so this system eliminates buddy punching altogether," said Chetan Vasudev, Sales Director of the U.K. at SST.

The reporting capabilities of the software are considerable and compliant with European Commission working time directives. Capabilities include sophisticated tracking and cover user-defined absences. At the simplest reporting level, a head count is invaluable during fire mustering.

Real-Life Results
Already deployed at London Heathrow Airport, the technology has reduced client payroll costs by up to 5 percent, since only precise work hours can be claimed by shift workers. Users report that ROI is almost immediate.

The system helps senior management monitor staff movement and working hours in executive passenger lounges. Five hundred employees, working on a shift-basis, clock in and out by scanning their hands.

SST also offers an entry-level version for SMB users. These packages can accommodate as few as 25 to 50 employees without detracting from the capabilities of the advanced time-and-attendance system.

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