Risco Staff Join Electronics Line 3000 Board of Directors

Risco CEO Moshe Alkelai and CFO Lior Meidan joined the board of directors for Electronics Line 3000. Alkelai was nominated Chairman. Also, Douglas Luscombe was nominated to become the new CEO of the company. Luscombe shall commence his work as of May 10, 2010.

Luscombe has many years of experience in the security industry, including former employment within Risco Group. He specializes in sales and business development. Electronics Line 3000's board expects Luscombe to be suited to grow the sales volume of the advanced product lines of the company.

Yehuda Mark, who is currently R&D Manager of the company will be promoted to R&D VP.

Amir Hayek is resigning from his duties as CEO.

Risco acquired a 40.77-percent stake in Electronics Line 3000 on March 18. Following the transaction, Zvi Avni, Oded Tik and Yigal Fatran joined the board of Electronics Line 3000, while Narkis Tessler and Anat Ginsburg resigned.

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