IMS Research: ONVIF Trumps PSIA for Video Surveillance Market Share

In July 2009 IMS Research conducted market share analysis for the two major proponents of open standards for network video surveillance equipment. This analysis revealed that the member companies of the ONVIF standard commanded a significantly larger share of the total video surveillance equipment market than the member companies of the PSIA standard.

Since then there has been rapid progression of both standards, with both bodies announcing a raft of new member companies. To reflect the rapid development of both network video surveillance standards, IMS has reanalyzed the relative market share positions of the two network video surveillance standards bodies.

This new market share analysis revealed that, despite both standards bodies having gained market share since the last analysis, the member companies of ONVIF still command a greater market share than the member companies of the PSIA. When considering the total video surveillance market, the member companies of ONVIF represent 61.1 percent of the market compared with the 31.5 percent of the PSIA member companies. Again, as in July 2009, the difference continues to be more pronounced when considering the network video surveillance equipment market, the member companies of ONVIF hold 72.1 percent of the market, compared to the 29.3 percent of the PSIA member companies.

Gary Wong, a video surveillance research analyst at IMS, said "There is a strong and accelerating movement towards open standards for network video surveillance within the industry, currently 35.1 percent of the market is neither a member of ONVIF or the PSIA," said Gary Wong, a video surveillance research analyst at IMS. "Whilst there has been some trepidation that the introduction of open standards may increase competitiveness in an already highly competitive environment, there is now strong belief that standards will be a key driver in significantly expanding the network video surveillance marketplace."

At ISC West, ONVIF announced it would expand the original scope of their organization.

"Having established strong momentum in creating an open standard for video products, ONVIF has decided to expand its scope to also include access control," said Uwe Thym, VP of Marketing for Bosch Security Systems. Thym continued, "We believe that a common standard across these segments will have significant advantages for a large number of applications, where effortless integration of access and video products is of great benefit."

"With a high level of support from network video surveillance manufacturers and a high volume of ONVIF-compliant products scheduled for release later this year, it is not surprising that ONVIF are now focusing on establishing another standard that offers synergic benefits for its membership," Wong said.

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