L-1 and the World Bank Partner to Provide e-Services for Developing Countries

L-1 Identity Solutions, a provider of identity solutions and services, announced a collaborative relationship with the World Bank to improve the way governments in developing countries deliver services to citizens as part of the launch of the World Bank eTransform Initiative (ETI). A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between L-1 and the World Bank was signed as part of the launch of the initiative at a World Bank Spring Meeting event attended by many developing country Ministers of Finance and Communications.

The World Bank's ETI seeks to leverage Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to build a knowledge sharing network that helps governments of developing nations to leverage the best practices of practitioners like L-1 and others to improve the delivery of social and economic services. The knowledge sharing network will focus on areas such as electronic Identification (eID), e-Procurement, e-Health and e-Education; areas vital to promoting the participation of citizens in democratic processes, such as voting, and helping undocumented citizens get access to health and welfare programs. The World Bank has a long history of promoting similar initiatives and is currently funding 14 projects related to e-government and e-ID around the world.

"The speed and precision with which developing countries administer services is dependent upon many factors, not the least of which is the ability to verify the identities of those receiving services," said Mohsen Khalil, Director of the World Bank's Global Information and Communication Technologies Department. "L-1 brings valuable expertise in identity management to the initiative's knowledge network. Together with L-1 and other vendors, we look forward to building systems that better administer critical government services and reduce identity-related fraud that can dramatically increase costs of social and economic programs and prevent aid from getting to those who need it most."

L-1 is the only biometric technology provider to participate in this program. As part of its commitment, L-1 will leverage its expertise in identity management, specifically civilian enrollment services, biometric technologies, and design and production of secure identity documents, to contribute to the knowledge network and offer best practices for program implementation. L-1 also will hold technical briefings with World Bank staff and government leaders on key issues related to identity management.

"We recognized early on that this program aligned with the goals and objectives of our Company and that there was tremendous value in our participation," said Robert LaPenta, Chairman, President and CEO of L-1. "We believe that identity management solutions and services can make a significant contribution to society and undocumented citizens in developing countries, bringing them out of anonymity and helping establish their place and participation in society and affirming their rights to benefits they are entitled to receive as citizens."

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