Vidsys and VideoIQ Partner to Streamline Critical Infrastructure Protection

VidSys, a provider of physical security information management (PSIM) software that allows organizations to resolve business and security situations in real time, announced its technology partnership with VideoIQ, provider of cameras and encoders with adaptive analytics, onboard NVR and an advanced VMS. By integrating VideoIQ's video analytics with the VidSys PSIM software system, organizations can increase their ability to protect critical infrastructure through proactive and real-time analysis at the network edge.

The VidSys PSIM software system provides a common operating platform that enables more of the intelligence and policies being leveraged by an organization to be pushed to the network edge for faster diagnosis, more efficient bandwidth utilization and the ability to integrate a variety of disparate devices. With the VidSys PSIM software, data can be correlated from multiple security devices and systems, including VideoIQ's cameras, encoders and video analytics, and analyzed to proactively avoid situations before they happen, quickly provide awareness as a situation unfolds or prevent them from escalating. This is another key component of VidSys' strategy to leverage a distributed network of intelligent devices from multiple vendors to help diagnose, verify, resolve and report on safety, security and business situations.

"Video analytics are crucial for proactively protecting an organization's critical infrastructure," said Mark Gally, VP of Marketing, VideoIQ. "By tying this data to other information related to a situation as well as standard policies and rules for resolution, responders are able to more intelligently handle unfolding situations."
VideoIQ's proactive IP video surveillance system combines automated event detection, a built-in, onboard NVR and integrated video management into a single solution-all driven by next-generation analytics to provide proactive protection and accelerate investigation. VideoIQ's embedded, adaptive analytics intelligently analyze information at the network edge, integrating with VidSys' situation management rules for effective resolution. This enables first responders to proactively detect threats, visually verify situations, accurately identify and understand unfolding situations, change policies and actions based on evolving situations and respond more effectively.

"Having accurate information in a timely fashion enables organizations to better manage security and safety situations," said Dave Rosenlund, VP of Product Management at VidSys. "This relationship enhances our leadership in making the networks smarter by distributing the intelligence to as close to where the problems occur as possible, lowering cost and response time."

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