User Survey in China Shows Strong Future Demand for IP Video Surveillance Products

The market for analog surveillance equipment in China is vast; however, there is a blossoming trend toward IP surveillance equipment. This has been confirmed in a new survey conducted by IMS Research  called "IP Trends in Security: A Survey of Systems Integrators and Installers in China", which collected the opinions of hundreds of Chinese systems integrators and installers.

The most apparent and interesting trend is the future uptake of network security cameras in China. In the survey, over half of the respondents indicated that less than 5 percent of the cameras that they installed over the last 12 months were network cameras. Positively, more than 50 percent of the survey respondents indicated that in three years time, more than 25 percent of cameras installed will be network cameras (half of this number indicate it will be more than 50 percent). This is a vast uptake in the use of network cameras and suggests very positive market growth for network video surveillance equipment in China in the coming years. 

"However, there are still some key factors limiting the use of IP-based security products in China," said Market Analyst, Bo Zhang. "More than 50 percent of survey respondents stated that the reliability of IP-based security products had a high-impact in limiting their use of IP-based products. Clearly, if respondents cannot source reliable IP-based security products, then it significantly impacts their decision to use them. Making products that are reliable and give a sense of reliability to the customer is a critical task for IP product manufacturers. " 
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