Shanghai Airport Takes Off with IndigoVision Video Solution

IndigoVision's IP video technology is at the heart of a fully integrated security solution for the new passenger terminal at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. The airport has undergone a major expansion with a new runway and 250,000 square meters terminal building, which has just opened ahead of the of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo in May.

The surveillance system, which was designed and installed by IndigoVision's local partner Shanghai Baosight Software, consists of 1,880 fixed and PTZ cameras and is integrated with access control, fire detection and other airport systems. IndigoVision's distributed architecture delivers high-quality video to multiple users located throughout the terminal building.

Qi Zhimin, Project Director of Intelligence Business Group for Baosight, said, “With the demanding homeland security and operational environment in the new terminal, the airport needed an IP-networked surveillance system that was fully distributed and delivered high-quality images at minimum bandwidth. IndigoVision's system fully meets this requirement. They are also the only vendor that guarantees no-dropped frames, under any conditions, when transmitting full frame-rate video. This is a very important consideration for a high-security operation like an airport.”

More than 50 video management workstations running IndigoVision's Control Center software are installed at different locations around the terminal, allowing operators to monitor the terminal operation, aircraft parking apron and perimeter fencing. As well as the main security control room, live and recorded video is available to users in different departments of the airport as well as a number of law enforcement agencies. Advanced user management facilities in Control Center ensure only users with the correct permissions can access their own department's video. Control Center is licensed on an unrestricted basis within the cost of IndigoVision hardware, allowing multiple workstations to be deployed for no more than the cost of the PC hardware, significantly reducing overall project costs.

The surveillance system is fully integrated with Tyco access control and Siemens fire systems, as well as with the luggage handling system. Alarms or events from any of these systems can be configured to automatically pan a camera to a preselected position, giving the operators an instant view of the incident.

“The powerful video recording capability was another reason the Airport chose the IndigoVision solution,” Qi said. “Redundant recording configurations have been setup that allows cameras to be automatically recorded on a backup recorder in the event of a failure. Data security is vitally important to ensure integrity during post-event analysis.”

IndigoVision's Windows-based NVR software runs on 47 servers with a total of 600 TB of RAID-5 storage. A number of these servers are allocated for failover backups. This allows the airport to record all 1,880 cameras continuously for seven to 14 days.
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