New York Apartment Dwellers Remotely Manage Access with Video Doorman

American Security Systems announced the installation and activation of Video Doorman systems in nine multifamily residential buildings located in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. The new systems include the company's largest installation, a 120-unit building in midtown Manhattan.

Video Doorman is a live, remotely-operated system that allows residents to receive packages securely when they are not at home. Residents have a remote operator provide live, interactive voice and video escort to residents when they enter their building and take the elevator to their floor.

"Video Doorman improves the quality-of-life for residents in buildings that have no doorman," said Larry Dolin, Creator of Video Doorman and President of American Security Systems, a provider of building security and life safety systems in the New York market for 30 years. "The system is economical and very reliable. Condominium and co-op owners are investing in it because they see that it improves the value and appeal of their properties."

The nine new systems are in co-op and condominium buildings ranging in size from three units, such as the historic Bouwerie Lane Theatre on the Lower East Side (recently renovated into luxury residences by developer Adam Gordon) to the 120-unit building. The Vere 26 in Long Island City, an 11-story, 43-unit residence, is also among the activations.

According to Dolin, the operating cost of Video Doorman is about US$1 per day for each tenant residence. In addition to allowing secure package delivery and "front door to apartment floor" video escort, the system digitally records the delivery of all items to a locked package room, and later, also records tenants' retrieval of their deliveries. The Video Doorman operator notifies tenants whenever they have a package waiting.
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