Sagem Orga Releases Wireless LAN SIM Card

Sagem Orga Releases Wireless LAN SIM Card

One of the world's smart card manufacturers, Sagem Orga (Safran group), released wireless LAN SIM card.

The WiFi-enabled SIM (ConnectSIM) brings both new freedom and security for mobile phone users. The flexibility of a wireless LAN connection can now be enjoyed with any mobile phone, combined with the high security of a SIM card. The WLAN SIM card can be used in any mobile phone to enable fixed-mobile convergence, proximity transactions, trusted peer-to-peer operations between two SIM cards, strong authentication services, WEB security and a large and varied set of other use cases.

Other innovative topics include:
* NFC active sticker: "SIMply Mobile Wallet" – a real alternative that lets mobile network operators turn ordinary handsets into contactless devices
* Contactless/NFC: NFC services using single wire protocol
* Smart card web server SIMs: The (U)SIM as the browsing starting point
* SIMply Me!: Managing your Internet identity with the (U)SIM (EAP, Open ID...)
* A-GPS SIMs: Using assisted GPS functionality in your (U)SIM card, independent of handsets

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