Verint Transit Video Solution Watches US Twin Cities Bus Riders

Verint Systems announced that the Metropolitan Council in Minneapolis/St. Paul is implementing transit video solution from Verint video intelligence solutions. The Metropolitan Council, which oversees transit operations in the Twin Cities' seven-county metro area and already leverages Verint's transit on its Metro Transit bus and rail system, invested in the video security technology in August 2009 to help enhance passenger and operator safety onboard its paratransit Metro Mobility fleet and other contracted bus routes.

The Metropolitan Council is the premier planning agency for the Minneapolis-St. Paul region and is responsible for planning and operating the majority of the transit system in the metro area. In total last year, Metro Transit provided nearly 82 million rides; Metro Mobility provided 1.2 million rides; and other contracted routes provided 3.4 million rides.

Transit ridership has grown in recent years in the Twin Cities area. To help keep pace with demand, the Metropolitan Council recently launched a modernization initiative focused on crime prevention and safety. As part of the agency's efforts, it selected Verint transit video solution to help update selected portions of the transit system's security infrastructure, replacing existing analog recorders with a reliable, scalable and flexible IP video platform. In the initial phase of its planned multiphase fleet-wide initiative, the Metropolitan Council is deploying transit onboard 257 buses.

"The Verint solution will provide surveillance capabilities to the region's fleet," said Arlene McCarthy, Metropolitan Transportation Services Director for the Metropolitan Council. "Most importantly, the video security solution will support the Council's commitment to providing best-in-class safety and service to our customers."

With its sophisticated video quality, automatic system health check monitoring and proactive problem notification, Verint transit solution will deliver a comprehensive view of onboard events. Further, the solution will provide the Metropolitan Council's transit operations with greater situational awareness and improved emergency response times, allowing the region's transit system to better safeguard passengers and operators.

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