Axxon Partners with Intrepid Security for Retail Market Development

Axxon , a provider for open network video management software in the EMEA region, has signed an exclusive partnership with retail theft solutions provider and integrator Intrepid Security. The partnership forms a key aspect of Axxon's expansion plans.

Intrepid Security provides security technology solutions to major name retailers operating in the U.K. and overseas. The specialist retail solutions provider is broadening its portfolio of security offerings having established leadership in integration and installation of electronic article surveillance (EAS), RFID equipment, deactivators, detachers, smart track and asset protection solutions designed to reduce theft of high value items from stores.

Axxon's own retail software solution focuses on eliminating shrinkage at the checkouts themselves. Intellect POS solution takes video feeds from retail cash terminals and automatically records all events and receipt data into a video archive. It can examine bank notes and checks used to ensure that checkout operatives are entering the correct figures and are dispensing the right amount of change.

Axxon Intellect POS can provide automated alerts to flag discrepancies where an item is moved but not scanned. Suspicious activity is outlined on the video with different colors used to signify various cashier actions. Intellect POS is cutting retail crime in Carrefour, Media Markt, El Campo and IKEA outlets right across Europe, as well as in outlets of global convenience store group 7-Eleven in the U.S.

The partnership is part of Axxon's program of EMEA-wide expansion. The company already has wholly owned offices in Barcelona, Frankfurt, Sofia and London and expects to expand its geographical reach through a mix of sales offices and distribution agreements throughout the region and into the Americas later this year.

"Our partnership with Intrepid Security gives us a stronger route to market in the U.K. and Northern Europe and specifically a stronger presence in the retail sector in this region," said Luis Coello, EMEA Business Development Director, Axxon. "We already have a significant presence in transport, finance and city centre safety and security projects and this partnership enables us to expand our retail sector foot print into northern Europe."

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