IndigoVision Beautifies Moroccan Paint Business

Prodec, a Moroccan manufacturer and distributor of paint, has deployed an IndigoVision distributed IP video system to monitor its factory and headquarters in Casablanca and its branch network throughout Morocco.

The networked surveillance system allows Prodec's security team to centrally monitor a wide range of activities to ensure their business is safe, secure and well managed. The manufacture and distribution of paint creates a demanding surveillance environment, requiring high-quality video to be delivered from multiple sites across large distances. Due to the flammability of paint, safety is of paramount concern, both in the manufacturing process and when stored and sold in their branch network. IndigoVision's system has therefore allowed Prodec to carefully monitor safety, highlight and deter security issues such as theft and to examine at first hand their customer service in each branch.

In addition to multiple cameras located in the factory and headquarters, PTZ domes are installed in each of the branches. Due to IndigoVision's compression technology, high-quality video can be streamed across Prodec's corporate network with minimum bandwidth and latency. This means the security team located at headquarters can smoothly control the PTZ cameras over long distances, giving them clear visibility of the activities in each branch. The system was supplied by IndigoVision's distributor Ithaca and installed by systems integrator, Resource Management Solutions.

"We were very impressed with the image quality delivered by the IndigoVision solution, considering the low bandwidth usage," said Karim Elibrahimi, CEO of RMS. "The ease of installation and commissioning of the IndigoVision system was very important to us, as is the ability to integrate with third-party access control systems, which allows us to offer complete integrated solutions."

IndigoVision's Control Center management software is used throughout the business to monitor live and recorded images, which have been archived on an IndigoVision NVR located in the headquarters. Control Center is licensed on an unrestricted basis within the cost of the IndigoVision hardware, allowing Prodec to deploy the workstations anywhere on the network for no more than a cost of an entry-level PC. Prodec has taken advantage of this by deploying workstations not only in the headquarters and factory, but also in each branch.

Control Center supports advanced identity authentication management, which ensures users only gain access to video that is relevant to their part of the business. The ability to distribute low-cost workstations around the network has allowed local operators to monitor their own operation and for the company to watch the entire business for security, safety and quality issues. An operator with the correct permissions can access live or recorded video from any camera, from any workstation giving supervisors and managers considerable flexibility.

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