Oncam Establishes Fourth Subsidiary in Turkey

Total-security-solution company Oncam, has created Oncam Global Turkey, its fourth subsidiary, responsible for establishing a footprint in Turkey and the Balkan countries.

Oncam acts as parent to its regional subsidiaries, providing board- and advisory-level strategic direction to them. The Group's other subsidiaries are: Oncam Global, which is responsible for the Americas; Oncam Global U.K., which handles UK and European markets; and Oncam Global UAE, which covers United Arab Emirates and The Arabian Gulf.

Oncam Global Group CEO James Ionson said that Erdem Oktemus is the new entity's CEO and chairman. Oktemus has more than 30 years of experience creating and developing new business concepts and providing top-level operational management in sales, marketing and logistics.

"Erdem has extensive knowledge and experience in all facets of business operations, from strategy, planning and performance management to organization design and corporate governance," said Ionson, who heads up Oncam's Americas operation.

"In the past two decades he has led global, multicultural businesses in Vienna, Paris, Milan, New York and London," Ionson said. "And, in the last two years, he was instrumental in building an Istanbul-based business into the No. 1 event-management company in Turkey, with big international brand names as clients."

"The managing director of the new organization is Adil Asirim, to whom all operations staff will directly report," said Ionson. Asirim was a member of Turkish Parliament from 1995 to 1999, during which time he was a consultant to the prime minister.

Asirim, who also was investment adviser to the Executive Board of Public Services and Bureaucracy, holds an electrical and electronics engineering degree and a master's degree in telecommunications and computer-control engineering from Middle East Technical University.

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