Raytec IR Illuminates Estonian Highways

Raytec has been chosen by the Technical Center of Estonian Roads to provide its IR illuminators for Estonian winter road conditions and highway maintenance.

"It's not just the cold that the illuminators have to withstand," said Project Manager Stan Metlitski. "Estonia is one of the most north-easterly Baltic states so its highway infrastructure has to cope with winter ice, moisture and snow, vibration and turbulence."

In this environment, maintaining reliable surveillance over key transport routes is vital so the decision was taken to upgrade key road cameras with IR capability, to guarantee effective image capture during hours of darkness. "The IR illumination has to be sufficient to cover at least 30 meters from the point of installation," said Metlitski.

The lighting devices offer a wide choice of illumination coverage patterns, from 10 degrees to more than 180 degrees, and ranges up to 370 meters. Their surface-mount LED design also ensures they could last much longer than traditional lamps, delivering even illumination with zero maintenance and no risk of bulb failure. With low power consumption they also cost much less to run, and as IR units they do not cause any unnecessary light pollution.

"We are delighted that our technology has been chosen for this important application," said Shaun Cutler, MD of Raytec. "The Technical Center of Estonian Roads is a highly regarded engineering and technical consultancy which tests materials and products for some of the world's toughest conditions. Their approval for our products is a real testimony to the performance and quality of our products."

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