ADT Integrated Security System Kicks Off at Irish Stadium

ADT announced it has delivered a fully integrated fire and security solution at the newly redeveloped Aviva Stadium at Lansdowne Road in Dublin, Ireland. Upon completion at the end of April, the stadium, developed by the Irish Rugby Football Union and the Football Association of Ireland will have capacity for 50,000 spectators. Kentz Ireland, engineers for the Aviva Stadium selected ADT to ensure that the stadiums visitors are able to enjoy a safe and secure experience with the minimum intrusion and inconvenience.

ADT is responsible for the end-to-end delivery, maintenance and support of the stadium's life safety and security systems, including fire detection, surveillance, access control, intruder alarms, gas extinguishers and disabled WC alarms. Each of these systems have been integrated with the stadium's LAN and IT infrastructure, enabling security operators or the Gardai to monitor and control each component from centralized workstations across the site, streamlining this process and helping to improve the efficiency and response time of operators to potential incidents.

The stadium, Ireland's first UEFA Elite football ground, has a purpose-built high-tech communications nerve center. ADT's life safety and security systems allow for continuous monitoring of all aspects of the stadium, both inside and outside the ground. A total of 192 surveillance cameras have been installed at "pinch points" around the stadium, ensuring operators and police can quickly identify potential problems or flashpoints from within the stadium's control room.

Using ADT's consolidated single-screen overview of all systems, operators can control multiple alarm input and outputs, which combined with audio and video verification of each protected zone within the stadium delivers an additional layer of protection. The Tyco Expert Graphics (TXG) provides users with a graphical overview of fire detection, extinguisher and disabled call management systems and is also configured to automatically respond to events, even when the operator is away from the workstation.

"As the home of Irish international rugby and football, The Aviva Stadium will pride itself in providing facilities, not only for spectators but also for players, the media and events personnel," said Chris Gallagher, Design Technical Services Coordinator of Aviva Stadium. "Ensuring our guests have a pleasant visit without intrusion is of paramount importance to us and through ADT we are confident that our visitors will have a safe and enjoyable experience."

"Traditionally, businesses have viewed fire, security and access control as three separate entities, due to the perceived complexity of integration and the practicalities of implementing such a project," said Nicky Gill, MD of ADT Ireland. "Forward-thinking organizations, including the Aviva Stadium are leading the way in recognizing the importance of end-to-end solutions which deliver not only the right levels of protection against fire and crime but which also address the challenges of access control through a single consolidated platform."

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