AOptix Iris Security Deployed by Microsoft Global Security Operations Center

AOptix Technologies, (AOptix) a developer of iris biometrics products and long-distance wireless optical communications solutions, announced a strategic partnership for iris biometric security with the Microsoft Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) in Redmond, Washington. Integration of the AOptix iris recognition system brings state-of-the-art iris identification to Microsoft, their customers and partners.

Working at a nominal distance of two meters, the system fully automates biometric image acquisition and provides consistent verification of a subject's identity in just two seconds. The system employs adaptive optics technology that automatically finds the subject's face and eyes within a very large capture volume, making subject participation effortless. This increased recognition space allows for varying personnel needs such as multiple heights ranging from ADA wheelchairs to an excess of seven feet.

"To meet 21st century security threats, we must forge strategic long-term partnerships with industry vendors such as AOptix," said Brian Tuskan, Senior Director of Operations, Technology, Investigations at Microsoft Global Security. "AOptix, a key Microsoft partner, is helping set a new standard for advanced iris biometrics with products such as the device, which will bring enhanced security to our Global Security Operations Center in Redmond, Washington."

"Our innovative technology approach compliments Microsoft's commitment to offer a suite of leading edge security solutions," said Dean Senner, Chairman, President and CEO of AOptix. "We are delighted to be in partnership with Microsoft to bring comprehensive iris recognition to the unique and powerful security capabilities that Microsoft has put together."

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