Moscow Duty Free Shop Deploys IP Surveillance System

Duty Free shops owned by the company RegStaer are distinguished by their excellent service and broad assortment of products. The interior of the shop, which is located in Terminal 2 of Sheremetevo Airport between gates 1 and 5, was completed by German specialists. The shop is equipped according to the latest trends in retail.

Considering the valuable assortment of goods and the self-service aspect, the client required a modern and efficient system of video surveillance with monitoring of cash operations.

Before the project, a portion of RegStaer Duty Free shops were already equipped with video surveillance systems based on the Intellect software package and Panasonic video cameras. One of those shops had its equipment installed by the company Unimax. A cash transactions control module is used in all shops that run Intellect software. This module allows all cash transactions to be recorded, while information on transactions can be superimposed on video images and a search can be run in the event log. The effectiveness of cash transaction control with the capability of synchronous video verification has been confirmed by installations and customer feedback.

Considering the modern trends in video surveillance and the advantages of IP technologies, network cameras were the logical solution for the new shop. Another advantage of IP video surveillance for the client was the capability to keep the video server in the head office instead of inside the shop, as it can be difficult to create favorable conditions for server equipment inside shops.

This software was chosen due to Intellect's support of many different models of network cameras and the successful operational experience of this software package in other shops. Megapixel cameras from Axis were selected for the front-end equipment. Axis dome cameras were installed for surveillance in the shopping area. The cameras have an aesthetic external appearance, are ceiling-mounted and provide high-quality images. Axis cameras are used to monitor cash transactions. All video cameras are powered by PoE, which reduced the cable infrastructure.

Thanks to Intellect's capabilities to join any number of servers into one single security system, the client has the capability to use one administrative workstation to manage, configure and receive reports from any shop equipped with an Intellect-based video surveillance system. RegStaer plans to open new shops and to further build up its unified video surveillance system.

Unimax is an official partner of Axis Communications, which helps guarantee the highest operational quality and maximum utilization of the capabilities of Axis surveillance system components. AxxonSoft is an application developer partner of Axis Communications. AxxonSoft's video surveillance systems support virtually the entire Axis product line of network cameras and IP video servers. Systems based on AxxonSoft software and Axis equipment are operating at many facilities.

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