Morpho Detection Awarded $8.7 Million Contract for US Nuclear Facilities

Morpho Detection, part of the Safran group's security business, announced it has fulfilled US$8.7 million in orders for the explosive trace detection (ETD) portal placed by NETco, Morpho Detection's exclusive distributor to the nuclear industry.

Utilizing Morpho Detection's Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometer, or trace technology, the high-sensitivity, high-throughput detection can detect a broad range of explosives in seconds. Engineered to dramatically reduce maintenance time, the system features a quick-access panel that puts key system components within arm's reach.

"Morpho is proud to supply NETco with the solution to help deter and detect dangerous threats to the country's nuclear facilities," said Dennis Cooke, President and CEO at Morpho Detection. "The nuclear industry is a leader in physical and checkpoint security for the US energy sector and Morpho is committed to developing solutions that protect critical infrastructure throughout the country."

"NETco focuses on the security concerns of the nuclear industry as a key part of the country's critical infrastructure. We are pleased to work with Morpho Detection to provide the nuclear industry with advanced detection technologies to help secure nuclear facilities nationwide," said Mark Scribner, President at NETco.

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