OnSSI Surveillance Platform Manages US University

Seeking a solution providing centralized security management and coordination, Purdue University turned to the video-centric physical security information management (PSIM) system from On-Net Surveillance Systems (OnSSI). Purdue chose the management software because the open architecture allows it to maintain the value of existing physical security investments at its 2,400-acre campus in West Lafayette, Indiana.

"OnSSI's open-architecture, scalable, nonproprietary PSIM system lets users integrate myriad cameras and other endpoint solutions into a unified client application facilitating the management and coordination of video and event information," said Mark Willingham, Systems Engineer at SimplexGrinnell and integrator of the project. "What's more, since Purdue is an engineering college, they pride themselves on choosing systems based on their engineering excellence, so the solution is a great fit."

Currently Purdue has about 100 solution licenses and will be adding another 60 licenses shortly, with many more to follow as the system expands over the next several years.

Purdue University installed the Base system first to allow operators to get used to it and train on it. The scalability and Universal Camera Support feature of the platform simplify tying in additional systems over time. The university has also upgraded three user workstations to take advantage of the solution's touch-screen capabilities.

OnSSI management saved Purdue money, thanks to its ability to incorporate a range of related technologies into a single, centralized system. It combines the ability to record and manage video along with physical security, access control, video content analytics and other enterprise applications.

Purdue security personnel gave high marks to the overall look and feel of the software, the ease of searching for video and the mapping capability. "They are very proud of the system," said Willingham. "They were even on the local TV station showing it off."

"Purdue University is in many ways a technology pioneer," said Gadi Piran, President and Chief Technology Officer, OnSSI. "Their confidence in the platform is a serious endorsement and we look forward to helping them evolve their system over time and watching it become a benchmark of all."

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