Animetrics Provides Facial Recognition Cameras for US Army Base

Animetrics has been selected as a subcontractor to Stanley, to develop an advanced facial recognition surveillance system for use on moving vehicles for the US Army Intelligence Center at Fort Huachuca, Arizona.

Under the nine-month, US$1 million contract, Animetrics will provide a surveillance solution utilizing a telescopic PTZ camera to capture faces within the area around a vehicle and search against the Army's terrorist watch list.

"Biometrics capabilities are a key component to winning the war on terrorism. This project will provide a powerful tool to help protect our war fighters in theater and provide security for the local governments. We're excited to have Stanley to the Army Intelligence Center, and Animetrics working together on this task," said Kathy Debolt, Deputy TRADOC Capabilities Manager for Biometrics and Forensics, US Army Intelligence Center of Excellence.

"This is Animetrics' most important award and we are ready to push the limits of face biometrics in this most difficult environment of matching uncontrolled facial imagery," said Paul Schuepp, Animetrics President and CEO. "Our patented technology is already being utilized with the Army's Biometric Automated Toolset watch list system and this application is a natural follow-on to make a powerful security tool for the war fighter. We are honored to be given this opportunity."

"We are delighted to win this project with Animetrics, our face biometric technology partner. It's a natural extension of the tools that Stanley has built for Army Intelligence, and the mobile feature for use with a vehicle will harness the value of the Army's BAT watch list system, which has been tremendously effective in Iraq and Afghanistan," said Randy Brooks, Stanley VP.
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