Software Vendor CNL Partners with AMAG Technology

CNL , a developer of physical security information management (PSIM) software, formed a strategic technology partnership with AMAG Technology ,a security management and video solution provider.

AMAG offers intelligent networked solutions scaled to manage security management challenges from small, remote facilities to multinational organizations located around the globe. At the heart of the AMAG solution is the Security Management System (SMS). The system offers users the next generation of security solutions bringing the core aspects of building security to intelligent, unified solutions.

The partnership will ensure bidirectional integration between IPSecurityCenter and the SMS suite of products including access control, video, visitor management, smart card and biometrics. IPSecurityCenter is a PSIM product which enables the integration of disparate security systems, aggregating visual, audio and data from these to provide real-time intelligence IT. The partnership will provide end users of the suite of products with complete situational management capabilities, process guidance, auditable compliance and the ability to work with technologies such as GIS mapping, GPS tracking, PIDS and analytics. Additionally it will enable the integration with other business systems such as BMS and IT.

"This partnership is in-line with our view of offering end users with technology for managing their entire physical security operations in a common operating picture (COP). Extending our ability to work with other technology vendors will allow best of breed solutions that complement our extensive range of solutions, ensuring the security and safety of people and property," said Matt Barnette, VP Sales and Marketing at AMAG.

"CNL has demonstrated its commitment to work with suppliers in the Global Security industry, with more than 30,000 systems deployed in 110 countries AMAG has shown it has an compelling suite of leading products," said Matthew Kushner, President, CNL Americas. "Physical security operations no matter what size or vertical market have three core elements, people, systems and processes. If we look at a vast majority of security operations around the globe these elements are working in isolation. By allowing these systems to work in a cohesive and intelligent way, we can significantly harden security, reduce costs and reduce risks. Our continued strategy to work with our technology alliance partners ensures this is achievable at a lower cost with greater functionality."

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