AXVIEW Enhances Network and Megapixel Cameras with Robust R&D

AXVIEW Enhances Network and Megapixel Cameras with Robust R&D

Axview Technology, a subsidiary of Australia-based HIPROTE Group, was established in 2001 in Shenzhen, China. With more than 150 production personnel and 20 R&D engineers, the organization aims to provide quality products and services. Based on market demand, the company has a comprehensive range of network and megapixel cameras. A&S China Best Buys talks to Axview about how it offers customers the right product with good service.

As security migrates to IP, Axview has recognized the potential demand for quality solutions. Its R&D capabilities include in-depth knowledge of digital technology, enabling the company to provide a full range of IP products. "We are putting great effort into IP product development," said Hazel Chen, Overseas Marketing Manager at Axview. "We believe network and megapixel cameras will dominate the market in the near future. As a technology-based company, we not only are ready for IP, but have formed strategic partnerships with other players. For example, we became a member of the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) last year."

Moving to IP
In Chen's mind, Axview has two ways to market its IP products. In mature markets such as the U.S. and Europe, the company is focused on providing OEM services to partners. With a comprehensive range of surveillance products, Axview can provide products for a total video solution.

"In mature markets, our robust R&D capabilities provide us with an edge," Chen said. "It enables us to customize products based on specific customer requests. For example, we have refined our software from an ease-of-use standpoint."

Software design is a priority for Axview, as the company understands how software is a critical factor for buyers, especially for user-friendliness. Chen said this is a top R&D focus, with the company dedicating significant resources. Axview software is designed based on user logic and usage behavior.

For emerging markets, Axview uses its solid technology background to familiarize traditional installers with IP technology. "We have already hosted a series of training courses at our headquarters in China, which helped users better understand our products and technology so we can grow together," Chen said.

Megapixel cameras will continue as a hot product trend this year, as it can provides higher performance and better resolution. "We refined our megapixel camera with a compact design," Chen said. "Along with the appearance, the new CMOS-based product features an ICR-cut filter and IR LEDs to satisfy dim light applications."

The Axview megapixel camera fits into a range of installations. "With IP66, it is suitable for outdoor application," Chen said. "Lastly, we can provide different customized models."

An effective sales team is a key factor for better business, as well as representing the company's expertise. Therefore, Axview's experienced R&D engineers provide in-depth training courses not only to customers but also for the sales team. "We want the sales team not to simply go 'door to door' pushing products," Chen said.

In Chen's mind, Axview's sales people can attain technical knowledge even without studying technology-related majors.

For staffing in China, prospective sales representative may know English, but most have limited technological backgrounds. In R&D, the engineers have technical expertise but may lack communication skills. Chen wants her team to solve customer problems on the first try. This requires both communication and technical expertise.

Axview strives to make online service for partners highly gratifying. The new service was launched this year, shifted to accommodate client business hours. Chen is confident the sales team can tackle tough technical questions. "This helps buyers understand our products and R&D capabilities the first time they talk to us, which settles issues quickly," she said.

Road Shows in 2010
In 2010, the company will begin its first ever road shows, starting with Europe. Chen said the events will take place with local partners, accounting for market needs as well as expanding Axview's exposure to end users.

Chen believes IP will be a key product for most installers. The company will target high-end applications and offer more cost-effective solutions with its IP products. Through road shows, Axview can introduce its IP products through face-to-face interaction. "People can know our solid technology background, building a long-term and trust-worthy relationship," she said.

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