American Science and Engineering Awarded $8.2 Million Order in the Middle East

American Science and Engineering, (AS&E) a supplier of X-ray detection solutions, received a US$8.2 million order for its cargo inspection systems to secure critical infrastructure in the Middle East. The cargo inspection systems will be used to scan vehicles and trucks entering high-risk facilities for explosive threats and contraband.

"AS&E provides fully integrated comprehensive solutions to protect critical infrastructure, a key element of homeland security for this strategic Middle East location," said Anthony Fabiano, AS&E's President and CEO. "With more than 50 years of experience providing X-ray inspection solutions, AS&E's cargo inspection systems have proven technology to find hidden threats and contraband in vehicles and cargo at high-risk facilities and other checkpoints."

AS&E has a full range of security screening solutions for critical infrastructure that are essential to the function of governments and national defense organizations around the world. Securing these facilities is crucial to protect the safe operation of facilities for electricity, telecommunications, transportation, water supplies, military, police, banking, hospitals, heating, agriculture, oil and gas refineries, and national monuments. AS&E systems for cargo, parcel, and personnel screening are deployed worldwide, helping governments and corporations protect their vital assets.

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