TVT Expands Steadily with Refined Products and Software

TVT Expands Steadily with Refined Products and Software

TVT Digital Technology, headquartered in Shenzhen, China, celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2009. The company dedicates itself to providing reliable products with nonstop research and development investment. Despite the worldwide economic crisis last year, TVT maintained profitable growth. A&S China Best Buys talks to Mike Kwo, GM of TVT Digital Technology, to find out TVT's plans for the upcoming year.

When buyers look for quality sourcing partners in China, one of the most important criteria is robust in-house R&D capabilities. Over the past decade, TVT has experienced tremendous growth. The key factor in its success is its strong R&D team. It not only represents the company's core value but also attracts discerning partners.

TVT is not a typical "me-too" company, keeping up-to-date with industry trends to stay one step ahead of others. With precise industry insight and in-house R&D capabilities, the company invested heavily in R&D to migrate to H.264 from MPEG-4 compression in 2007.

This forward-thinking approach benefited TVT, with outstanding outcomes last year. In 2009, the company experienced 35 percent growth for sales despite the economic slowdown.

With self-made hardware as well as software design, the company plans to strengthen its existing products this year, enhancing performance and lowering cost. "TVT's know-how for H.264 technology is ahead of the industry," said Mike Kwo, GM at TVT. "Core members of the R&D team have accumulated nearly four years of H.264 development experience. Based on different chipsets, we innovate new products ahead of the industry, helping our partners get ahead of their competitors."

Product Enhancements and Plans
The company has refined its product lines, providing a full range of products from standalone DVRs, compression cards, to megapixel IP cameras, Kwo said. For 2010, TVT plans to introduce its third generation of H.264 DVRs. "In March, we will release three new DVRs. The TD-2300SE is cost-effective, the TD2300ME supports 16-channel simultaneous playback at D1 resolution, and the HE series is designed for high-end applications. All of them adopt new software with outstanding features and are available with HDMI. We expect end users to get excellent results with these products."

"The release of our megapixel network camera TC-612M expands our product line in IP," Kwo added. "We have foreseen IP potential and set up a team for network cameras in 2006. I believe our years of hard work will pay off in the coming years."

Finally, the organization's new mobile DVR will be available soon, featuring military anti-vibration technology, multilevel storage protection and mobile specific software. Kwo said the mobile DVR will bring new growth for TVT in 2010.

TVT's strategy is to deliver high-performance surveillance products at competitive prices with responsive R&D and quality control. "When balancing cost and quality, low prices and low quality benefit no one in the long term," Kwo said. "Our philosophy is investing in quality brings value. For example, we doubled our aging test facility in 2009, where 160 DVRs have been running 24/7 all 365 days a year, under hot conditions with no air conditioning to enhance quality. We reduce cost by adopting new technology and mass production."

Another strategy is to focus on customer requirements and challenges to form customer-oriented R&D and operations. "We will spend more time with our partners, listening to their advice and suggestions to improve products and service," Kwo said.

2010 Expectations
The company's core values are represented in its name, TVT. "The first T represents 'Technology' and the last T stands for 'Teamwork', which includes not only our employees, but also our customers and suppliers. The V in between means 'Victor,' as well as symbolically connecting the T's together," Kwo said. "It shows our determination that no matter how hard the road ahead is for us, everything can be solved with our technology and teamwork."

With more than 90 percent of the company's revenue derived from overseas sales, it is clear that TVT's global footprint is established. This year, the company will strive to form an even tighter relationship with customers and provide better service. "With ongoing R&D technologies, TVT is capable of responding to customer requirements as well as market demands," Kwo said. "I believe that only by providing stable and cost-effective products can we satisfy customers."

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